Compete and Earn

xGO is a sports app that turns your home workouts into a powerful competition.


xGO Exclusive #1
NFT xGO Exclusive #1 was developed by Netherlands digital artist 7hpRen. He has gained experience working with companies such as AMC+ / Abbott / FORD / Pancakeswap / Looksrare, as well as crypto projects that are in the TOP100 on Coinmarketcap.

SocialFi - xGO

We believe that the power of community to create health is far greater than the power of any doctor, clinic or hospital.
dynamic asset vaults
xGO Tip - This feature allows users to reward xGO content creators with tokens who post high-quality content that has a positive impact on the community.


We are ONE community and we have ONE token
dynamic asset vaults
$XGO will be unlocked gradually on a predetermined schedule within 65 months from the date of the public sale. The initial supply is set at 876,341,200 XGO - 29.21% of the total volume.

Distribution and unlock schedule

dynamic asset vaults
The chart above shows the maximum possible supply of XGO in the coming years, which is capped at 3,000,000,000 and will never exceed it.

Game Economics

In xGO, the $XGO native token can be used and earned in a variety of ways. Buy, rent, top up, play or challenge are keywords in our unique gaming economy.
dynamic asset vaults

Sports mining

In xGO, you can use your $XGO for all these things. But you can also earn more by renting out your NFTs, winning Challenges, or playing against legendary players.
Explore the great number of opportunities we offer our active players.
P2P Challenges
Play with Legendary Players
Buy NFTs / Collect NFTs / Rent NFTs
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Kain Warwick
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