The priority for xGO is long-term growth

Q2 - 2022
✅ Recruit the initial team

✅ Market research

✅ Theoretical research on arbitrage

✅ Mechanism and roadmap planning

✅ Research in movement biomechanics
Q3 - 2022
✅ Creating a website

✅ Creating social media channels

✅ Token economy development

✅ Closed alpha version of the app and first scoring algorithm (MVP)

✅ Collecting community data with token rewards
Q4 - 2022
✅ Creating an xGO Community

✅ Evaluation of other sports scenarios and extreme cases for arbitration

✅ Data collection and further testing of the arbitration engine

✅ Sports mining alpha v1.0

✅ Public presentation of the app

✅ We will announce and distribute the airdrop among the participants of the "invite and earn" program.
Q1 - 2023
☑️ Public Sale (DEX)

ℹ️ Airdrop XGO for early participants will begin 15 days after the start of the public sale and will be distributed gradually.

☑️ NFT collection - 1st edition of the NFT utility collection

☑️ Beta version of the application

☑️ Listing (CEX)

☑️ The xGO ecosystem is starting up
Move/Play and Earn
Official Launch of xGO app compatible with iOS/Android

☑️ First tournaments in the app

☑️ First Play/Move to Earn tournaments

☑️ First League in the app

☑️ New tournaments

☑️ New NFT sports collection

☑️ Launch of NFT's first collectibles with endorsers

☑️ Launch of NFT marketplace

☑️ NFT farming

☑️ NFT rentals
Q2 -2023
☑️ Getting to know members of VIP club

☑️ Expansion into other sports with new data collection and expert sponsorship

☑️ Anti-Cheat with AI

☑️ Beta version of new arbitration mechanisms

☑️ Support for added new sports

☑️ Roadmap Update
We don't want to be just another app - we want to be part of your life! We're working hard to bring you an experience that goes beyond just playing virtual sports with your friends. We're creating a platform where you can earn real money for what you love to do: compete and play sports!